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Kittens First Christmas

Hey Guys,

Its getting closer to that time of the yeat again ‘Christmas’ yippee… I love Christmas, its a really exciting time in our house hold. I wanted to blog today about Diesel’s first Christmas as we came across a blog on Its a Pussy Cats life from when we first set up the blog, but i don’t think any one has seen it so here we go:

Well time goes so quickly when your having fun with your new kitten. It was getting closer and closer to Christmas 2009, and me and Eleanor were really excited for our first Christmas together with Diesel. Diesel was around 6 months of age at this point, and was getting really big.

Me and Eleanor had planned to get Diesel some new toys, treats, a new scratch post play gym and some daft clothes for his first Christmas. Call us mad, but we couldn’t leave our little boy out, we wanted to spoil him!

Christmas day came and amongst the 80+ presents under the tree, we got around to Diesel’s. He of course was more interested in the paper all over the lounge floor and the various boxes, until he smelt his chicken and cheese whiskers treats. Below is a picture of Diesel in his Santa hat & scarf. He looked so cute and just sat there with them on!

We also got him a little army t-shirt which he looks really cool in. There is also a picture of his scratch pole when it wasn’t so new, him and Dior loved playing games on there. God Bless our little Dior xx

Below is a picture of our very full Christmas Tree that year, with all those presents you can imagine the fun Diesel had with all the ripped paper and empty boxes 🙂


When Dior had a Bath

This is just another little memory that cropped up the other day. After the rather depressing stuff I thought it would be a good idea to write about something happier.

When we had Dior, she was always very clean, she kept her self clean and I never really had to bath her often when she was small. Not like Angel who gets a bath every few weeks.

One day Eleanor and I had been at work all day. Dior and Diesel were at home. When we returned the whole house stunk. It just stunk of cat poop. Dior had been in her litter numerous times throughout the day and had an upset tummy resulting in rather runny poop. Unfortunately the home had smelled better and Dior had looked cleaner.

Eleanor got on with the task of cleaning the litter out and washing all the floors with disinfectant whilst I had the job of bathing Dior to get her smelling lovely again.

Dior never used to enjoy having a bath as much as Angel does, so it was always a struggle and she would constantly tell me off for bathing her and any little chance she got she would jump out of the bath and there would be water everywhere. Nether less I continued and got the cat shampoo round her, all nice and foamy then I rinsed her clean with fresh warm water. By the time it was time to get her out of the bath she was just getting used to it, but I was the one needing a bath then!

Anyway after I got her out of the bath and give her a brief towel dry I caught this picture of her before I blow dried her. How cute does she look? But how ‘not impressed’ does she look too…? Hahaa

Dior… You are so beautiful – Love you very much xxx

Dior and Diesel best of friends

So after the new arrival of Dior its fair to say Diesel wasn’t 100% amused at first. It didn’t take him long to adjust and actually become a kind of brother to her though and it was really sweet to watch.

As the days went on and Dior became used to her new home, brother ‘in the making’ & mummy’s, she and Diesel became very close indeed. Diesel & Dior would snuggle up on the bed or couch together, Diesel would let Dior get right close up, snuggle right in and put her head over Diesels tummy! See pics below.



Dior was very clever really, even at a very early age. When we got her we bought her a smaller kitty litter tray so that she could hop in and out easy with her being tiny. She only used this a handful of times. She used to watch Diesel use his big litter box, then before we knew it Dior would be in the big litter box using it. I think secretly Diesel taught her to be a big girl and use the big litter box. She was so cute!

When Dior was small she used to jump up onto the bed, or climb up, and she would snuggle into Eleanor’s Charlie bear. This was a big brown bear that we used to sit in the middle of the bed. She would look lost in the bear’s legs but really cute. We didn’t realise how much Dior loved teddies until later on in her story. Heres a picture of Dior and her snuggled with Charlie ted.


Little Baby Dior

A few of my fellow bloggers have wondered why i have a page dedicated to Dior and when she is mentioned as a past tense. Over the next week or so i will be talking about Dior and her life with Eleanor and I.

To start with a brief story of the start to her life, Dior was born in February of 2011 and we adopted her for a permanent home in the April of 2011. Sadly she lost her life in November of 2011 (at only 9 months old.)

We only had Diesel at the time so when we were thinking of names for her we wanted something that was a ‘posh’ branded name and something that went with Diesel. We went through some on the internet and Eleanor mentioned Christian Dior… And that was it *boom* Dior it was, and Dior it stayed.

She was a tiny little pink pawed tabby and white kitten that was after all the cuddles in the world, and i smothered her with them! She was very very cute and her and Diesel hit it off from the start, they were best of friends within a week and cuddled up together on the end of the bed for snoozes.

The first picture we took of her was the below picture and it has to be one of the cutest pictures I’ve ever taken. I will be going into more detail about Dior and her life story with us each day, so keep posted for more on the very special Dior.


Cats love their morning routine

Other than bed time, what is your cat’s favourite time of the day??

Obviously all cats love feeding time, play time & bedtime because they are lazy but does your cat show some behaviours at a certain time of the day which makes you think they love this time of the day?

Angel and Diesel’s favourite time of the day is on a morning. As soon as the alarm clock goes off at 6am they are up, awake and talking away to us telling us they want their breakfast.

We have quite a routine on a morning and it shows with out cats. They must be in the same routine because even on a weekend when we have no work, they still wake up at 6am, still want their breakfast at 6:05am and none stop talk until we get them it! It’s funny!

After they have had their breakfast they like to sit on the window sill with the windows open on vent, get some fresh air and watch and listen to the birds. It’s comical really because all you see is Diesel the black cat sat on one side of the window wagging his tail, and Angel the white cat sat on the opposite side of Diesel also wagging her tail.

The closer the birds come to the window the faster their tails move… it’s very cute and very funny! They watch with utter amazement every morning!


Kitty goes in heat

Have you got any stories or questions about your kitty in heat?

I have never had a female cat that has gone in heat before and I was really surprised when I learned Angel my white female Ragdoll was in heat at 8 months of age a couple of weeks a go.

I heard a lot of different rumours about cats being in heat and about them being nasty, aggressive etc. So this was something I wasn’t really looking forward too. But when it came to it Angel was quite the opposite!

Angel did nothing but role around, rubbing her head on anything and everything. She was especially fond of bare feet (more than usual). She would talk constantly and be so loving and affectionate, which was in her nature anyway but more than usual! I was so pleased. This went on for around 3-4 days. Then two weeks later, she is on heat again! I was getting a little worried at this point due to reading on the net almost everywhere that it was normal for a cycle to be every 21days and last a week or so.

After consulting my local vet I found that this is actually quite normal, and that it is different cat to cat. My vet said that with us having a male, neutered or not, that will still bring a heat on more often for my female than a female on her own. Sure enough another 3-4 days passed and she calmed herself down again!

It’s very funny & cute to see. See some pictures below of Angel being her loving affectionate self, and a second blog detailing some facts and what to expect when you female fluffy friend goes in heat.


All about the Tabby!

Going to talk a little bit about Dior, our tabby kitten today!

Dior was an extremely friendly and loving tabby kitten. She was by far more of my baby than my partner Eleanor’s.

From previous blogs on here talking about affection etc, I mentioned that Dior’s main way of showing affection would be to paw and suckle on her favourite teddy bear, which is now called ‘Dior’. Below is a picture of Dior and one of the larger teddy bears she claimed when she was only 9 weeks old.

When she was new into our home, Dior used to spend a lot of time with Eleanor. Eleanor used to work from home at the time so Dior would spend all day with Eleanor in the office. She used to love lying on the keyboard of the computer and having a nap! Although this was no help to Eleanor as there wouldn’t be much work getting done! Dior used to climb up onto Eleanor’s chair and up her back, very gently and sit on her shoulders. Below is a photo of Dior and Eleanor from the web cam.

Like I was saying above, Dior used to spend a lot of time with Eleanor at first. And she used to lay with Eleanor on a night and sleep. Below is a picture I took with Eleanor and Dior fast asleep together. Very cute.

Keep tuned for more cute pictures & stories about our 3 cheeky kittens!

Its a Pussy Cats Life

Afternoon guys, I have set this blog up for all those cat lovers of the world to enjoy. I have some funny, cute and interesting stories that only the cat lovers like myself will appreciate.

Let me introduce you to my 3 little cats:

  • Firstly we have ‘Diesel’ a British shorthaired all black (with secret chocolate brown stripes) male. He is the oldest at nearly 3 years old.
  • Then we have ‘Angel’ a white and blue bi colour female Ragdoll. She is the youngest at only 8 months old.
  • And lastly we have ‘Dior’ a white and brown British shorthaired tabby who sadly is no longer with us. She was 9 months old when she passed.

Let me also introduce you to:

We used to have a dog called ‘Isaac’ for a short period of time, he was a pure Staffordshire bull terrier, black and brindle in colour, he will appear in some of the pictures / videos which I post on here and there will be some stories that involve him. Isaac was re homed due to work commitments to a lovely family by the sea side.

I am just getting started so keep checking out It’s a Pussy Cats Life for some great stories, funny and cute pictures and videos.