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KITTEN MONTH – Choosing a Kitten

Hi Guys,

This is a bit of an important blog i think.

Every home is different and we all have our own lifestyles, schedules and commitments, so it’s important to choose a kitten that will comfortably settle in with your routine and home life – you’ll both be much happier in the long run! As you know, Eleanor and I have both a moggie and a pedigree cat, molly and tom, one short and one medium haired, both are different and require different care and attention. But we love that… So choosing your kitten you need to take into account:

Pedigree or Moggy
Although fewer than 20% of all the cats in the UK are pedigrees, there are 32 different breeds registered in Britain by The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF – http://www.gccfcats.org/), an independent organisation that governs and controls the registration of cat pedigree breeds. Pedigree cats can cost several hundred pounds to buy, and breeders should always provide paperwork to prove that your cat is a healthy pedigree, but do check with your vet or the GCCF to make sure that you are buying from a reputable breeder. Some pedigrees are known to be difficult around children, or have particular temperaments and needs, so take some time to read up on any breeds you’re interested in and make sure that they’ll be suitable for your lifestyle and family.

The other 80% of UK cats are moggies: cats that do not belong to any recognised feline breed, but that can be just as beautiful and full of character as their pedigree cousins. Most people will find their moggy via a friend, neighbour or a local rescue shelter, so choosing a moggy may initially be better if you’re on a budget or want to adopt a kitten in need of a new home.

Grooming and Hair length
Long-haired cats, such as Maine Coons, Persians and the Turkish Van or Angora, will always need daily grooming to keep their coats healthy and free of tangles, and help reduce hairballs. If you’re looking for a cat that needs a little less maintenance, then opt for a shorter-haired cat: a healthy short-hair cat will be able to look after their own grooming needs, but helping them out now and then is a great way to bond with your cat and help keep hairballs to a minimum.

Molly or Tom?
Most cats are neutered before they reach puberty and the majority of owners will see very little personality differences between neutered male and spayed female cats, so the gender of your feline friend generally needn’t be a significant factor. However, unneutered Toms can be more likely to stray and get into fights with other cats, and intact females can be unpredictable when they’re in heat.

If you are raising two kittens from the same litter it is preferable to take two of the same sex (although early spaying makes this less of an issue)

How many cats?
Cats are typically happy being the only feline in the home, but if you have sufficient space at home, raising two kittens together can be immensely enjoyable: as well as companionship when you’re out, they’ll have a playmate to help keep them both (plus the rest of the household!) entertained and a friend with whom to explore or snuggle up with. It is generally a good idea to raise two kittens from the same litter, as they’ll already be familiar with each other and are more likely to have similar personalities.

Introducing a young kitten to an adult cat also needs careful handling, with time and patience needed whilst introducing them both, and each cat given their own space, feeding and sleeping areas which is mentioned more in another blog in the next few days.

Do I have young children?
Some breeds of cat, or kittens that’ve had a troubled start in life or special needs, may not be suitable to live in a home with children, so be sure to check on the breed characteristics and the kitten’s background before taking them home. Ideally take your child with you to meet your prospective kitten to see how they react: look for a sociable, energetic kitten that doesn’t seem nervous or frightened meeting new people or being handled.

Once your kitten is home, remember that even a small kitten will have sharp claws and little needle-like teeth, and they may bite and scratch as part of their boisterous kitten-play or if they feel threatened. Young children will need help understanding that your new kitten isn’t a toy, but is a little living animal who needs feeding and can easily get hurt or upset too: initially, your children will need to be supervised with the kitten and taught how to safely handle and play with them.

Kittens First Christmas

Hey Guys,

Its getting closer to that time of the yeat again ‘Christmas’ yippee… I love Christmas, its a really exciting time in our house hold. I wanted to blog today about Diesel’s first Christmas as we came across a blog on Its a Pussy Cats life from when we first set up the blog, but i don’t think any one has seen it so here we go:

Well time goes so quickly when your having fun with your new kitten. It was getting closer and closer to Christmas 2009, and me and Eleanor were really excited for our first Christmas together with Diesel. Diesel was around 6 months of age at this point, and was getting really big.

Me and Eleanor had planned to get Diesel some new toys, treats, a new scratch post play gym and some daft clothes for his first Christmas. Call us mad, but we couldn’t leave our little boy out, we wanted to spoil him!

Christmas day came and amongst the 80+ presents under the tree, we got around to Diesel’s. He of course was more interested in the paper all over the lounge floor and the various boxes, until he smelt his chicken and cheese whiskers treats. Below is a picture of Diesel in his Santa hat & scarf. He looked so cute and just sat there with them on!

We also got him a little army t-shirt which he looks really cool in. There is also a picture of his scratch pole when it wasn’t so new, him and Dior loved playing games on there. God Bless our little Dior xx

Below is a picture of our very full Christmas Tree that year, with all those presents you can imagine the fun Diesel had with all the ripped paper and empty boxes 🙂


Cats love their morning routine

Other than bed time, what is your cat’s favourite time of the day??

Obviously all cats love feeding time, play time & bedtime because they are lazy but does your cat show some behaviours at a certain time of the day which makes you think they love this time of the day?

Angel and Diesel’s favourite time of the day is on a morning. As soon as the alarm clock goes off at 6am they are up, awake and talking away to us telling us they want their breakfast.

We have quite a routine on a morning and it shows with out cats. They must be in the same routine because even on a weekend when we have no work, they still wake up at 6am, still want their breakfast at 6:05am and none stop talk until we get them it! It’s funny!

After they have had their breakfast they like to sit on the window sill with the windows open on vent, get some fresh air and watch and listen to the birds. It’s comical really because all you see is Diesel the black cat sat on one side of the window wagging his tail, and Angel the white cat sat on the opposite side of Diesel also wagging her tail.

The closer the birds come to the window the faster their tails move… it’s very cute and very funny! They watch with utter amazement every morning!


Kitty goes in heat

Have you got any stories or questions about your kitty in heat?

I have never had a female cat that has gone in heat before and I was really surprised when I learned Angel my white female Ragdoll was in heat at 8 months of age a couple of weeks a go.

I heard a lot of different rumours about cats being in heat and about them being nasty, aggressive etc. So this was something I wasn’t really looking forward too. But when it came to it Angel was quite the opposite!

Angel did nothing but role around, rubbing her head on anything and everything. She was especially fond of bare feet (more than usual). She would talk constantly and be so loving and affectionate, which was in her nature anyway but more than usual! I was so pleased. This went on for around 3-4 days. Then two weeks later, she is on heat again! I was getting a little worried at this point due to reading on the net almost everywhere that it was normal for a cycle to be every 21days and last a week or so.

After consulting my local vet I found that this is actually quite normal, and that it is different cat to cat. My vet said that with us having a male, neutered or not, that will still bring a heat on more often for my female than a female on her own. Sure enough another 3-4 days passed and she calmed herself down again!

It’s very funny & cute to see. See some pictures below of Angel being her loving affectionate self, and a second blog detailing some facts and what to expect when you female fluffy friend goes in heat.


Bah Bah White Cat!

Angel is such a character, she never fails to amaze us with her unique characteristics.

When Angel first found her voice, Eleanor knew she was going to be a little ‘madam’.  Eleanor caught this video of Angel, our talkative cat, on her trusty iPhone one morning whilst I was at work.

She is very cute & very demanding, at only 8 – 9 weeks old we sure had our hands full with this bundle of fluff!

Wouldn’t it be great if only we could understand our cats and what they say when they talk to us?

What do you think Angel is saying in this video?

Diesel came home

We had just moved into a flat together around September 2009, and I was dying for a kitten to make the home complete. We didn’t even have all of our furniture in or anything, but I was adamant that a kitten was essential. With this in mind on 30th October 2009 my very kind and thoughtful partner Eleanor had gone out to the town centre while I had some friends over. When she arrived home she was not empty handed. She had in her hand a white cardboard box with a cute but ugly little kitten inside. An all black kitten just as I had always wanted. I was over the moon.

black kitten

He was 8 weeks old, and was quite a little lanky thing with huge ears and bright yellow/green eyes. She had purchased the whole starter kit for kittens which consisted of cat litter try, litter, cat feeding bowls, kitten milk, kitten food, toys & a blanket.

That night our new little fella slept in the big bed with his new mummy’s and was good as gold. The next day our new addition still had no name. Eleanor and I were raking our brains trying to think of something, cute, but cool. We were on Eleanor’s I-phone on the internet looking at popular names, all of them I didn’t like, things like sooty, fluffy, patch and socks… I just don’t like ‘pet names’, I like real names, like human names. Then BOOM she mentioned ‘Diesel?’ I immediately loved the name and that’s what we called him.

The ever so cute and at the same time ugly bundle of fun soon became a cause for concern. We had planned this night out on Halloween for some time to my friends, and I was very dubious of leaving the new addition – Diesel. Eleanor assured me he would be fine, and leaving him for a few hours on the night would do him the world of good to explore and get used to being alone knowing we both worked full time. I was still a little worried as Diesel had not been to his litter tray for anything other than a little wee and had hardly ate anything. But we got ready, left down 4 bowls, one with water, one with milk, one with kitten biscuits and one with kitten meat. I was hoping and praying that when we got back from this party he would have been eating and been to his litter.

When we returned he was ecstatic to see us. He had eaten lots of food and drank lots of milk, and… he had been to his litter. Such a good little boy. We were so happy.

Its a Pussy Cats Life

Afternoon guys, I have set this blog up for all those cat lovers of the world to enjoy. I have some funny, cute and interesting stories that only the cat lovers like myself will appreciate.

Let me introduce you to my 3 little cats:

  • Firstly we have ‘Diesel’ a British shorthaired all black (with secret chocolate brown stripes) male. He is the oldest at nearly 3 years old.
  • Then we have ‘Angel’ a white and blue bi colour female Ragdoll. She is the youngest at only 8 months old.
  • And lastly we have ‘Dior’ a white and brown British shorthaired tabby who sadly is no longer with us. She was 9 months old when she passed.

Let me also introduce you to:

We used to have a dog called ‘Isaac’ for a short period of time, he was a pure Staffordshire bull terrier, black and brindle in colour, he will appear in some of the pictures / videos which I post on here and there will be some stories that involve him. Isaac was re homed due to work commitments to a lovely family by the sea side.

I am just getting started so keep checking out It’s a Pussy Cats Life for some great stories, funny and cute pictures and videos.