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Dior Suckling!

Hi Guys,

Hope you are all well and have a great day. Happy new year to everyone!

I came across an old video of Dior the other day; it’s the video of her doing her most favourite thing… suckling on her fluffy blanket.

As you all know Dior is sadly no longer with us, but while she was, she got a great deal of comfort from her fluffy blanket and her ‘Dior’ teddy. I’ve mentioned before about what she used to do with the blanket and teddy. She would paw at it, stepping on and off, purr really loudly and suckle on the arms of the teddy or a patch on the fluffy blanket. She loved it and was just like a proper baby. Our baby! I wanted everyone to see how cute she is when she is doing her comforting thing so I thought I would upload a video.

Here is a video of Dior in her suckling action.

Cats cuddled up together napping!

Helllllooooooo everyone… Hope all is good good good 🙂

Last Sunday Eleanor and I walked into our bedroom to see what the kitties were upto to find them completely snuggled in together, cuddling with their paws round each other. This is the first time in a long while we have seen them sleeping like this, but it seems to be a regular occurance since they had their time away in the cattery for a week, i think that has made them bond and become best of friends.

We took some pictures of the funny cute pair sleeping…

So as we walked in the bedroom this is what we saw… Angel still half asleep just being a nosy girl as usual, Diesel fast asleep still being a lazy bum!

This is from the other side of the bed, Diesel still flat out, Angel with head up listening to the camera click… hahaa

Close up of the two precious ones asleep, Angel still listening to what we are doing with head up, but asleep, Diesel hasnt moved, still fast asleep because he is a lazy bum 🙂

Pair of little cuties i reckon, what do you guys think?? Hope you guys have a very nice and happy Wednesday… i will be at work, as usual 😉 x


Good Morning Bloggers,

I am sure your all wondering why the title of this blog makes absolutly no sense?? hahaa… Well instead of a cat speaking the usual ‘meow’ our Angel says ‘meeeaaam’.. well thats what we think anyway.

A few weeks ago on a Sunday morning Angel was in a very talkative vocal mood. So Eleanor thought it would be a good idea to try and catch her on camera. She started video recording and teasing Angel trying to get Angel to talk more because sods law that Angel stopped talking as soon as we pressed record.

Eleanor was saying ‘Angel – meeeamm’… this went on for a few seconds and then all of a sudden Angel coppied her and said ‘meeeaamm’… its really funny.

To see this funny fur ball in her meeamm glory please press here.

How does your cat show affection?

Good Morning to all the bloggers of the world.

I was browsing my old posts on my blog the other day from when i first set my blog up and came accross this one, with this having no likes, comments and views i thought i would repost it and share it again now that Its a Pussy Cats Life has more followers and viewers.

To any other cat lovers / owners out there, I would love to know how your cat shows you affection and love.

To me and Eleanor there is a mixture of things our cats do.

For Diesel, he loves to sit on the kitchen bench waiting for his breakfast, squint his beautiful bright green/yellow eyes and head butt you, yes head butt! This actually hurts sometimes, but it is so rewarding. When you get the initial butt you also get a lovely soft head rub, he is so cute, and at the same time he is purring like a trooper & squeaking. This is a regular morning thing when we feed him.

Before Dior died she never used to sit on the kitchen bench much but her way of saying she was hungry for breakfast would be to stick her extra long tail in the air and give a little quiet meow. She would walk in and out of our legs in a figure of 8 and if we bent down to give her a little stroke she used to jump into the air on her 2 back paws and rub her face on our hands. Very cute!

For our little Angel, she always likes to be the centre of attention, given the little madam she is turning out to be just lately. Her way of showing affection is to almost bah like a little baby lamb, she loves to rubher head on your bare feet and give them the occasional lick. If she is just after cuddles which is every 30 mins or so (she is a demanding little lady) she will walk all over me and Eleanor whilst we are watching the soaps and walk from lap to lap, chest to chest, she can never decide who to sit with, but when she has made her mind up, she curls up and buries her little head in our arm pit. She is very pretty and such a little baby!

Diesel loves his food

Happy Saturday to all my lovely bloggers, and if you havent done yet, please check out yesterdays blog and see if you have been nominated in the Super Sweet Blogging Award 😀 Have a fab weekend…

We have spoken on here before about Diesel and his morning routine. It never changes, as soon as he sees our eyes open, he wants his breakfast. He is so cheeky! We often trip over him because he gets under our feet if we don’t feed him when he wants it – he can be very demanding but he is well worth it at the same time.

Diesel and Angel both have ceramic Garfield food/water bowls… I am sure most of you know who Garfield is? If not – click the link to see who GARFIELD is – Garfield is a cheeky greedy chap much like our Diesel. We thought these bowls were really cute, so they each have 3 bowls, one for water, one for meat and one for dry mix.

Their bowls are never empty always have dry mix and water to see them through the day until tea time. Diesel looks forward to his breakfast; he will usually have a trout and spinach Felix pouch on a morning and Angel likes her sardine and tomato one.

I caught this snap shot of Diesel showing how much he enjoys his breakfast on a morning – tongue to prove it…

Diesel and his secret stripes – UPDATE!

A couple of blogs ago I mentioned Diesel and his unique secret strips.

He is a black cat with chocolate brown stripes running through him that you can only see when in the sunlight.

For those of you who wanted to see some more shots of Diesel in all his stripy glory I managed to catch one this other morning in the sunlight at around 6:30am whilst he was asking for his breakfast.

What do you think? He is beautiful isn’t he? Ive made this picture nice and big so you all get the real effect of this beautifully handsome boy!

The things I often laugh at on these lovely pictures of our boy are his lips. His nickname is ‘leather lips’ because his lips are black in colour and look like leather… He often has his mouth half open looking a little dumb and funny. He’s cute though.

Cats want their beds

I don’t know if I have mentioned where my Diesel and Angel tend to sleep on a night but here is the low down.

Every night since Diesel and Angel were kittens they have either slept in the bed with Eleanor and I or above our pillows on their own pillow on a fluffy blanket. Their routine has never ever changed, they religiously wait until we get in bed and then they get on their beds every night. Once they have their bed they dont move nearly all night.

If we havent put the fluffy blanket on their pillows above ours they will not go on their beds (they look at the pair of us as if to say ‘and wheres the fluffy blanket at mum, you dont honestly think we are going to lay there do you?’) LOL

If Eleanor and i watch a little television before hitting the hay and have our pillows up in the comfy sit/lay position (whereby the cats can not have their bed) the cats will walk all over the bed, on both bedside tables, chat to us, walk all over our legs, tummy and chest, lay in different places for all of 10 seconds and generally make a complete nuisance of themselves, the minute we move and allow them on their beds they are then happy as larry and will not move for a good 6 hours purring away and smiling.

Do your cats have some awkward places which are their night-time beds?

We love our cats in or on the bed with us sleeping together, we wouldnt have it any other way, other than possibly not above our pillows as it can be a pain sometimes. But we cant get them out of their habbit, its where they settle automatically and where they have done since they were only 8 weeks old. Some people find it disgusting and to allow animals on their bed. Everyone has their own opinions and views on this. Whats your views on this?

Here is a picture of the beautiful Angel in her element on her ‘night-time’ bed.