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Diesel and his moist eczema

Hi Guys,

Hope your all well? A few weeks ago Eleanor and I noticed our boy cat Diesel scratching around his shoulder blade area, when we looked it looked wet, red and angry.

The following day we took Diesel to the vets to have them check this out. The vet immediatly said that this was moist eczema and can either be sorted out by an injection or using a cream on the skin twice a day. We opted for the cream, because it was only one small area affected and due to the side effects of the injection. The vet shaved around the eczema skin to get rid of the fur so that it can heal and showed us how to apply the cream.

We have been religiously applying the cream to Diesels eczema affected skin over the last 2 weeks and it is clearing up nicely. He just needs the little bald patch of fur to grow back now – bless him!

So what is moist eczema?

Moist eczema, also known as a hot spot, is a localized, moist, reddened bacterial infection of the skin often caused by self trauma. A hot spot starts because something irritates the skin. The body’s response is to itch, which further inflames the skin and increase itchiness. This creates a cycle of itching, scratching and chewing.

Hot spots can be caused by anything that irritates the skin. Most often, the culprit is a flea. Other causes include allergies (flea, inhalant, and food), parasitic disease (sarcoptic and demodectic mange), anal gland disease, poor grooming, tick and mosquito bites, burrs, and summer heat. They occur most commonly in long-haired and heavy-coated breeds, and are more prevalent during the summer months.

Diagnosis and Treatment Notes:

  • Moist eczema is typically diagnosed through a history of intense scratching and physical exam finding of red, inflamed skin.
  • Treatment depends on the severity of the skin, your individual pet, and your veterinarian. Clipping and cleaning of the inflamed skin is usually done. The skin is cleaned with an antibacterial solution and a drying agent may be applied. Some dogs or cats benefit from corticosteroids to reduce itchiness and some may need antibiotics. Discuss treatment details when your pet is diagnosed with this condition.
  • Your pet may also be offered an injection to treat the eczema if the areas on the animal which are affected are significant and there are a lot of them. The injection does give the animal relief and treat the eczema but it does have side effects which include restlessness, more frequent drinking, bigger appetite and frequent urination.

Things to Watch for:

  • Areas of hair loss
  • Red, inflamed skin
  • Intense itching

This is just a bit of useful information for you guys to keep in mind, and watch out for if your cat or dog is itching more than normal.

Kittens First Christmas

Hey Guys,

Its getting closer to that time of the yeat again ‘Christmas’ yippee… I love Christmas, its a really exciting time in our house hold. I wanted to blog today about Diesel’s first Christmas as we came across a blog on Its a Pussy Cats life from when we first set up the blog, but i don’t think any one has seen it so here we go:

Well time goes so quickly when your having fun with your new kitten. It was getting closer and closer to Christmas 2009, and me and Eleanor were really excited for our first Christmas together with Diesel. Diesel was around 6 months of age at this point, and was getting really big.

Me and Eleanor had planned to get Diesel some new toys, treats, a new scratch post play gym and some daft clothes for his first Christmas. Call us mad, but we couldn’t leave our little boy out, we wanted to spoil him!

Christmas day came and amongst the 80+ presents under the tree, we got around to Diesel’s. He of course was more interested in the paper all over the lounge floor and the various boxes, until he smelt his chicken and cheese whiskers treats. Below is a picture of Diesel in his Santa hat & scarf. He looked so cute and just sat there with them on!

We also got him a little army t-shirt which he looks really cool in. There is also a picture of his scratch pole when it wasn’t so new, him and Dior loved playing games on there. God Bless our little Dior xx

Below is a picture of our very full Christmas Tree that year, with all those presents you can imagine the fun Diesel had with all the ripped paper and empty boxes 🙂


How does your cat show affection?

Good Morning to all the bloggers of the world.

I was browsing my old posts on my blog the other day from when i first set my blog up and came accross this one, with this having no likes, comments and views i thought i would repost it and share it again now that Its a Pussy Cats Life has more followers and viewers.

To any other cat lovers / owners out there, I would love to know how your cat shows you affection and love.

To me and Eleanor there is a mixture of things our cats do.

For Diesel, he loves to sit on the kitchen bench waiting for his breakfast, squint his beautiful bright green/yellow eyes and head butt you, yes head butt! This actually hurts sometimes, but it is so rewarding. When you get the initial butt you also get a lovely soft head rub, he is so cute, and at the same time he is purring like a trooper & squeaking. This is a regular morning thing when we feed him.

Before Dior died she never used to sit on the kitchen bench much but her way of saying she was hungry for breakfast would be to stick her extra long tail in the air and give a little quiet meow. She would walk in and out of our legs in a figure of 8 and if we bent down to give her a little stroke she used to jump into the air on her 2 back paws and rub her face on our hands. Very cute!

For our little Angel, she always likes to be the centre of attention, given the little madam she is turning out to be just lately. Her way of showing affection is to almost bah like a little baby lamb, she loves to rubher head on your bare feet and give them the occasional lick. If she is just after cuddles which is every 30 mins or so (she is a demanding little lady) she will walk all over me and Eleanor whilst we are watching the soaps and walk from lap to lap, chest to chest, she can never decide who to sit with, but when she has made her mind up, she curls up and buries her little head in our arm pit. She is very pretty and such a little baby!

Diesel in clothes

Good morning to all my lush bloggers of the world and hope were all well?

As usual another funny story about our little boy Diesel. Again this is an old photo from Eleanor’s face book that prompted this blog as it was a memory.

When he was a little smaller than he is now, Eleanor bought him a new bed and a little camouflage cat vest. Diesel loved and still does love to wear his little vest, or any type of clothing. Eleanor caught this photo about 18 months ago of our little fella wearing his vest on our bed. How cute does he look? Do any of your cats allow you to dress them?

As you all know Diesel is an indoor cat, and so is Angel. When we had Isaac our dog we obviously used to walk him and sometimes when the weather was ok we used to take Diesel along too. Never very far, but just for some fresh air for him. We have a cat harness that’s very comfortable and he quite enjoys the odd stroll and wonder out. Eleanor took this picture of Diesel and me in our old back garden on a nice warm sunny day having a little picnic. He was really enjoying watching the birds and laying on the grass and blanket with his mummy’s.

Such a cutie 🙂

Flying Cat!!

Hello guys, hope all is well.

Have any of you every experienced a ‘flying cat’…?? Eleanor was looking through her old face book photos the other day and came across this one so I had to share it with you all.

Eleanor had a moment a year or so ago with Diesel when she was playing with him with his toys in our hall way. She threw one of his toys and he was getting really excited so he ran, jumped and ran along the wall… Eleanor caught this below picture of him and you can only just see him in action. It was one of those moments (and we have many of them) where you wish you were recording on your phone rather than taking a still snap shot. But still… a very funny picture but I suppose this is what to expect when you have a rather funny little boy cat who gets really excited when you get all his toys out and make a big mess with balls, mice and god knows what else.

Black Cats and Superstition


What better thing to chat about on Halloween than our little jet black boy cat Diesel and the stories and tales around superstition and black cats 🙂

As everyone probably knows, Diesel is such a gorgeous character and boy. He has the most softest temperament, is so loving and gentle.

I have heard a few things about black cat superstition in my years of having Diesel and to be honest only belive in a various few. Although i am quite superstitious in other ways…

I have heard a lot of different ‘old wives’ tales about black cats. I went on Wikipedia to find out more, there was a lot of historical stuff on there, things that seem silly too but i think this is due to the past times stories that have been told. The following is from Wikipedia:

Superstition, prejudice, bringer of good or bad luck

The character Behemoth in “The Master and Margarita“, an enormous black cat (said to be as large as a hog), capable of standing on two legs and talking, and has a penchant for chess, vodka and pistols.

The folklore surrounding black cats varies from culture to culture. In Great Britain and in Ireland, black cats are a symbol of good luck. The Scottish believe that a strange black cat’s arrival to the home signifies prosperity. In Celtic mythology, a fairy known as the Cat Sìth takes the form of a black cat. Black cats are also considered good luck in Japan.[3] Furthermore, it is believed that a lady who owns a black cat will have many suitors.[4] However in Western history, black cats have often been looked upon as a symbol of evil omens, specifically being suspected of being the familiars of witches, and so most of western and southern Europe considers the black cat as a symbol of bad luck, especially if one crosses paths with a person, which is believed to be an omen of misfortune and death. In Germany, some believe that black cats crossing a person’s path from right to left, is a bad omen. But from left to right, the cat is granting favorable times.[5]

The gambling world is afraid of black cats: it is believed that if, while traveling to a casino, a black cat crosses a gambler’s road or path, that person should not go to the casino; most players believe that black cats bring bad luck.[6]

The black cat in folklore has been able to change into human shape to act as a spy or courier for witches or demons. When the Pilgrims arrived at Plymouth Rock, they brought with them a devout faith in the Bible. They also brought a deepening suspicion of anything deemed of the devil and were a deeply suspicious group. They viewed the black cat as a companion, or a familiar to witches. Anyone caught with a black cat would be severely punished or even killed. They viewed the black cat as part demon and part sorcery.[7] During the Middle Ages, these superstitions led people to kill black cats. This had the unintended consequence of increasing the rat population and the spread of the Black Death (bubonic plague) and other diseases carried by rodents.[8] There is no evidence from England of regular large-scale massacres of “satanic” cats, or of burning them in midsummer bonfires, as sometimes occurred in Europe.[9]

However, the supernatural powers ascribed to black cats were sometimes viewed positively, for example sailors considering a “ship’s cat” would want a black one because it would bring good luck.[10] Sometimes, fishermen’s wives would keep black cats at home too, in the hope that they would be able to use their influence to protect their husbands at sea (see Ship’s cat). The view of black cats being favorable creatures is attributed specifically to the Egyptian goddess Bast (or Bastet), the cat goddess. Egyptian households believed they could gain favor from Bastet by hosting black cats in their household. This view was held in the early 17th Century by the English monarch Charles I. Upon the death of his treasured pet black cat, he is said to have lamented that his luck was gone. True to his claim, he was arrested the very next day and charged with high treason.[11]

Pirates of the 19th Century believed that a black cat would bring different kinds of luck. If a black cat walks towards someone, that person will have bad luck. If a black cat walks away from someone then that person will have good luck. If a black cat walks onto a ship and then walks off it, the ship is doomed to sink on its next trip. Black cats have been found to have lower odds of adoption in American shelters compared to other colors except brown.[12] Some shelters also suspend or limit adoptions of black cats around Halloween for fear they will be tortured, or used as “living decorations” for the holiday and then abandoned.[13][14][15] However, in the history of humane work, no one has ever documented any relationship between adopting black cats, and cats being killed or injured. When such killings are reported, forensic evidence has pointed to natural predators, such as coyotes, eagles, or raptors, as the likely cause.[14]

In the early days of television in the United States, many stations located on VHF channel 13 used a black cat as a mascot in order to make sport of being located on an “unlucky” channel number.

What do you all think to different superstitions relating to the black cat?

I’ve heard of the fear of a black cat crossing your path by moonlight will bring you bad luck, this usually relates to death in an epidemic… Agree or disagree?? I disagree!

People say back in the ‘olden’ days that witches use cats, black ones to help with witchery and that because of this people have fears of black cats and bad luck.

On the other hand:

Many people believe that a black cat brings good fortune and also, that anyone who finds the one perfect, pure white hair in an all-black cat and plucks it out without being scratched, will find great wealth and good luck in love.

In Britain, on the Yorkshire coast, wives of fishermen believe that their menfolk will return safely if a black cat is kept in the house.

A black cat in the audience on opening night portends a successful play.

In the south of France, black cats are referred to as “matagots” or “magician cats.” According to local superstition, they bring good luck to owners who feed them well and treat them with the respect they deserve.

Black cats were once treated like royalty in the homes of English sailors, who believed that keeping them happy would ensure fair weather when they went to sea. They became so high-priced that few sailors could afford them!

Black cats aren’t bad luck everywhere. In the English Midlands, a black cat as a wedding present is thought to bring good luck to the bride.

So as you can see guys there are so many different tales and superstition stories about the black cat, its hard to know whats true and what is not. But i have to say my out look on black cats and superstition are that my black cat… Diesel has been nothing but good luck, has has brought me happieness and fortune – (not a big pot of gold or anything) but a comfortable life. He is a little sweetie.

Our little bat cat 🙂

Hope everyone has a great halloween – Trick or Treat!! 🙂

Diesel talking wanting his dinner UPDATE

Good morning everyone and i hope your all well? I just want to apologise firstly because i have not had a chance to reply to anyones comments as of yet (i will do soon hopefully), but want to say a big thank you for all your ongoing support to its a pussy cats life & also for my birthday wishes! And before i forget, i posted this blog a few days ago and stupidly forgot to post the video with it. So this is a repost blog and the awaited video is attached to you tube at the bottom of this blog, happy viewing!

I have spoken before about Diesel and what he is like when it comes to breakfast / dinner times in our house hold. He is very vocal, but I do love this about him.

Every morning, he is asking for his breakfast as soon as he sees our eyes open! We are getting the figure of 8 treatment in and our of our legs, he jumps up to stroke his head, he talks constantly, and then when you go into the kitchen to do his and Angel’s breakfast he jumps on the counter, paws at you, gives a lot of lovely kisses and head butts and talks and purrs loudly.

Eleanor took this video a few months ago one evening when he was after his dinner so I thought I would share this with you all.

Check out this video of Diesel talking wanting his dinner.

What do your cats/dogs do when they want their dinner/breakfast?

Have a great day guys

Diesel and Isaac nap times

Happy Saturday to my fellow bloggers, I hope you all have a fantastic weekend. Eleanor and I are jetting off to Gran Canaria tonight for 10 days so if my blog is a little quiet and I don’t reply to any comments etc its not because I am being ignorant, its because I am sunning it in Gran Canaria on a nice white sandy beach… not rubbing it in or anything! 😀

I have spoken before about Isaac our Staffordshire bull terrier that we re-homed. I found this picture on face book of Diesel and Isaac asleep together on Isaacs bed and wanted to share this on my blog.

I mentioned about Isaac looking mean but being a real softie. This picture just proves my point. Isaac would regularly be lying on his bed and Diesel would walk over to have a snuggle. Isaac would move off the bed to let Diesel on the bed and Isaac would be left laid half on the bed and half off the bed. Funny pair to watch.

Sometimes if Isaac had been naughty and was being told off Diesel would dive off the bed for example and give Isaac a good slap round the chops with his paws. I think Diesel was saying ‘listen to mum’ lol…

Diesel as a kitten

I found a few old school pictures of Diesel as a kitten which may already be on my blog under the ‘Diesel’ page but I thought I would add them on a post for you guys to have a little look and laugh if you wish 😉

The picture below is when Diesel was just 9 weeks old. I look at this picture and can’t help but laugh, I just think he looks like a bat. He has huge ears, you can see these little eyes, he has his ‘leather lips’ showing and you can just to say make out where his little fangs show! Which still to this day seem too big for his mouth! He often lies on his back, with his legs wide open, looking and Eleanor and I, his ears are flapped back and his fangs are well and truly out… I call him batty!! Haha He was a bit of an ugly little kitten back in the day, I think the ears make him look funny!

The picture below is when Diesel was about 8 months old. Eleanor had her own place at the time; we were living together but in our own places! So if I stayed with Eleanor I used to take Diesel over there too. He loved going to Eleanor’s and he loved to return home too. He loved the change. This picture was taken when he was in a playful little mood, enjoying his ball and underneath you can just to say see Isaac’s snout! What a handsome bunch of lads.

Diesel loves his food

Happy Saturday to all my lovely bloggers, and if you havent done yet, please check out yesterdays blog and see if you have been nominated in the Super Sweet Blogging Award 😀 Have a fab weekend…

We have spoken on here before about Diesel and his morning routine. It never changes, as soon as he sees our eyes open, he wants his breakfast. He is so cheeky! We often trip over him because he gets under our feet if we don’t feed him when he wants it – he can be very demanding but he is well worth it at the same time.

Diesel and Angel both have ceramic Garfield food/water bowls… I am sure most of you know who Garfield is? If not – click the link to see who GARFIELD is – Garfield is a cheeky greedy chap much like our Diesel. We thought these bowls were really cute, so they each have 3 bowls, one for water, one for meat and one for dry mix.

Their bowls are never empty always have dry mix and water to see them through the day until tea time. Diesel looks forward to his breakfast; he will usually have a trout and spinach Felix pouch on a morning and Angel likes her sardine and tomato one.

I caught this snap shot of Diesel showing how much he enjoys his breakfast on a morning – tongue to prove it…