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Cats love their morning routine

Other than bed time, what is your cat’s favourite time of the day??

Obviously all cats love feeding time, play time & bedtime because they are lazy but does your cat show some behaviours at a certain time of the day which makes you think they love this time of the day?

Angel and Diesel’s favourite time of the day is on a morning. As soon as the alarm clock goes off at 6am they are up, awake and talking away to us telling us they want their breakfast.

We have quite a routine on a morning and it shows with out cats. They must be in the same routine because even on a weekend when we have no work, they still wake up at 6am, still want their breakfast at 6:05am and none stop talk until we get them it! It’s funny!

After they have had their breakfast they like to sit on the window sill with the windows open on vent, get some fresh air and watch and listen to the birds. It’s comical really because all you see is Diesel the black cat sat on one side of the window wagging his tail, and Angel the white cat sat on the opposite side of Diesel also wagging her tail.

The closer the birds come to the window the faster their tails move… it’s very cute and very funny! They watch with utter amazement every morning!


Kitty goes in heat

Have you got any stories or questions about your kitty in heat?

I have never had a female cat that has gone in heat before and I was really surprised when I learned Angel my white female Ragdoll was in heat at 8 months of age a couple of weeks a go.

I heard a lot of different rumours about cats being in heat and about them being nasty, aggressive etc. So this was something I wasn’t really looking forward too. But when it came to it Angel was quite the opposite!

Angel did nothing but role around, rubbing her head on anything and everything. She was especially fond of bare feet (more than usual). She would talk constantly and be so loving and affectionate, which was in her nature anyway but more than usual! I was so pleased. This went on for around 3-4 days. Then two weeks later, she is on heat again! I was getting a little worried at this point due to reading on the net almost everywhere that it was normal for a cycle to be every 21days and last a week or so.

After consulting my local vet I found that this is actually quite normal, and that it is different cat to cat. My vet said that with us having a male, neutered or not, that will still bring a heat on more often for my female than a female on her own. Sure enough another 3-4 days passed and she calmed herself down again!

It’s very funny & cute to see. See some pictures below of Angel being her loving affectionate self, and a second blog detailing some facts and what to expect when you female fluffy friend goes in heat.


FACT – Female Kitty Behaviours When in Heat

Recently my female kitty had gone into heat for the first time, and at first it is quite a strange experience, so i thought these useful facts would help all the cat lovers out there determine a kitty in heat.

What does a female cat look like in heat?

  • Calling / talking (vocalizing) to attract male cats (some calling cats in heat can even seem to be “in pain”)
  • Desiring to leave the house or yard to gain access to male cat territories
  • Restlessness and pacing of the house or yard
  • Rubbing her head and face against her pet owners and the local surroundings (rubbing against inanimate objects and so on)
  • Rolling around on her belly and back
  • Excessive affection for the pet owner and other animals in the family (rubbing her head and body on the owners and pushing her bottom up against them)
  • Typical aggression towards the pet owner (some queens become moody and unpredictable when in heat, sometimes in association with periods of increased affection)
  • Adopting a crouched, receptive body posture called lordosis (standing estrous)
  • Holding her tail to the side to expose her female genitalia
  • Treading (stepping) with the back feet
  • The production of clear vulval discharges
  • Urinating more often