Watch cool videos of Diesel, Angel and Dior. Just click the links below:

Angel the talking kitten

Diesel opening drawers

Angel playing fetch

Dior suckling on her teddy

Dior Smallest Kitten Likes a Tickle!

Dior kitten goes mad for the tape measure!

Dior Cutest Kitten and her Mummy E!

What cats really get up to when your out! (part 1)

What cats really get up to when your out! (part 2)

Dior the Kitten with the Longest Tail!!

6 responses to “Videos”

  1. Bethany Karn says :

    Sparky wants to know if that talented Diesel would like to join her in her life of adventure and espionage. She could use a man like him ;-D

  2. itsapussycatslife says :

    🙂 I am sure Diesel would love to meet Sparky & have a little adventure together!

  3. missmaura9999 says :

    Just watched your video about Diesel opening drawers…thanks for the giggles, Kelly. We used to have a cat, Mr. Streak, who could open drawers and also cabinet doors. We had to put child-proof locks on the doors below the kitchen sink so he wouldn’t get into the waste basket on one side or the cleaning stuff on the other side.
    Our current cat Ryder pulls out a sliding drawer behind the bathroom door where we keep towels and then jumps in to take a snooze. It’s REALLY hard to see him in there cuz he goes all the way back. And *he* doesn’t close ’em either. Must be a cat thing: open, yes; close, not so much.
    Great job on the video and lovely to hear your voice. You sound Liverpoodlian.

    • itsapussycatslife says :

      This video is a real funny one 🙂 this was caught on the off chance! If he knew we were video-ing this he would not have performed!
      He still to this day does the drawer opening thing & he too like your cat opens the kitchen cupboard doors!
      Its comical to watch 🙂
      And thanks about hearing my voice! I have to say its not Liverpoodlian though, people refer to my accent as a northern accent, a kind of jeordie accent here in the UK…
      Regards… Kelly and the two rascals

  4. Jesse says :

    That sneaky little Diesel! Cute cats.

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