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Diesel and the Paranormal

Good Morning to all my bloggers,

As many of you know from reading my ‘7 things about me’ award blog, I mentioned Eleanor and I are very much interested in the Paranormal and life after death. We have seen, heard and sensed things unexplainable.

There are many rumours about animals seeing ‘ghosts’ spirits etc, and also of babies being able to see the paranormal. I am not sure how many of these stories are true but I do truly believe that animals, cats in this example can see things that the naked human eye can not.

Recently Eleanor had a strange paranormal and unexplainable encounter with Diesel. Diesel has always been really alert with everything. One evening a few weeks ago, Angel and Diesel were laid on their usual spots, above Eleanor and me on their pillow with the fluffy blanket. They were both sound asleep and so was I, in the land of nod… and probably snoring my head off. Eleanor couldn’t sleep, and as she does when she can’t sleep she starts thinking about things. She had been awake a good hour or so, and she was just looking at the cats thinking of little Dior. Diesel shot his head up and looked at something, he made that horrible growling noise cats make when they don’t like something. Then he put his head back down… Eleanor had a look around, nothing to see. Then he shot his head up again… was watching something, Eleanor again looked, nothing to be seen. This time Diesel jumped down, he was again making that growling noise and he then started walking towards the bedroom door. As he did so, Eleanor leaned over the side of the bed to check on him and seen him trying to walk off but something holding his paw stopping him from moving. Diesel was still making that noise too. What do you guys think to this? Paranormal or silly?

Eleanor and I have experienced many different things in our home that can not be explained other than something paranormal. This varies from noises / sounds and senses to actual light bulbs being unscrewed and placed on the floor in 3 different rooms all at the same time. When I was young my mum was told I had a gift and when I grew older I seen spirits in my bedroom as if they were in their own room just doing their own thing. I do believe there are things out there, and I do think that cats/animals have a sixth sense to it all.

Do any of you have any similar experiences? Are any of you interested in the paranormal?

Have a great day… Kelly x

Golden Oldies

Good Morning Guys,

Hope everyone is well? A week or so ago, Eleanor and I visited my mum and step dad and had some lunch with them at thier house. After dinner we got chatting and decided to get the old photo’s out and have a look laugh at them…

I came across some really old ones of my childhood pets and thought I would share them with you all. As I was a child I grew up with a black and white boarder collie dog called Judy and a grey and white female cat called Suzy. They were both really lovely pets, and obviously are not with us anymore. Before Suzy was castrated she gave birth to 32 stunning and very cute kittens all together (not all in one litter)… I have some pictures below that I thought would be cool to share with you all… check out the back ground to the photo’s too, how old fashioned (retro) is the furniture and decor?? lol…

Firstly – this is Judy in her bed, Suzy in the bed also with her paw up at the side and her 2 or 3 kittens sharing the love 🙂

Another photo of Judy in her bed with Suzy and one of the little kittens out of the bed looking at Judy as if to say ‘move your big bum so i can get in’…

Oh god… this one is a very old one of me, i would say i was around 5 years old here, holding one of Suzy’s little kittens, i loved all the kittens as i grew up.

This is one of a litter of kittens Suzy had, they are only young laid on their bed and the one looking at the camera looks like he/she is talking away.

I love this photo… This little cutie was a male tabby kitten, he was really cheeky and used to be in to everything, he is walking on our old sheep skin rug at the time which was in front of the fire place. Really cute!

Heres one of Suzy and one of her babies. We used to have an open under the stairs storage space so my mum used to put a nice thick blanket under there for them all to sleep on which is in this photo.

Heres another of Suzy, a bit of a blury one. This was when she was getting an old lady, sat on the chair having a cuddle with my step dad.

She was an old lady here too… she loved to lay on this one particular chair… my mum was forever hovering this chair because it would always be full of her hair… haha

Suzy again… although she looks pretty old here, she was really poorly on this picture, she had cancer and died not long after… poor girl. But she was beautiful xxx

And lastly… back to an early one of Judy, Suzy and her kitten(s) again laying in this dog bed together, Judy was amazingly soft and loved all the cats.

God bless them all… Missed but never forgotten

RIP Judy and Suzy x x

and any of her kittens if no longer here! x

Cats cuddled up together napping!

Helllllooooooo everyone… Hope all is good good good 🙂

Last Sunday Eleanor and I walked into our bedroom to see what the kitties were upto to find them completely snuggled in together, cuddling with their paws round each other. This is the first time in a long while we have seen them sleeping like this, but it seems to be a regular occurance since they had their time away in the cattery for a week, i think that has made them bond and become best of friends.

We took some pictures of the funny cute pair sleeping…

So as we walked in the bedroom this is what we saw… Angel still half asleep just being a nosy girl as usual, Diesel fast asleep still being a lazy bum!

This is from the other side of the bed, Diesel still flat out, Angel with head up listening to the camera click… hahaa

Close up of the two precious ones asleep, Angel still listening to what we are doing with head up, but asleep, Diesel hasnt moved, still fast asleep because he is a lazy bum 🙂

Pair of little cuties i reckon, what do you guys think?? Hope you guys have a very nice and happy Wednesday… i will be at work, as usual 😉 x

Diesel and his moist eczema

Hi Guys,

Hope your all well? A few weeks ago Eleanor and I noticed our boy cat Diesel scratching around his shoulder blade area, when we looked it looked wet, red and angry.

The following day we took Diesel to the vets to have them check this out. The vet immediatly said that this was moist eczema and can either be sorted out by an injection or using a cream on the skin twice a day. We opted for the cream, because it was only one small area affected and due to the side effects of the injection. The vet shaved around the eczema skin to get rid of the fur so that it can heal and showed us how to apply the cream.

We have been religiously applying the cream to Diesels eczema affected skin over the last 2 weeks and it is clearing up nicely. He just needs the little bald patch of fur to grow back now – bless him!

So what is moist eczema?

Moist eczema, also known as a hot spot, is a localized, moist, reddened bacterial infection of the skin often caused by self trauma. A hot spot starts because something irritates the skin. The body’s response is to itch, which further inflames the skin and increase itchiness. This creates a cycle of itching, scratching and chewing.

Hot spots can be caused by anything that irritates the skin. Most often, the culprit is a flea. Other causes include allergies (flea, inhalant, and food), parasitic disease (sarcoptic and demodectic mange), anal gland disease, poor grooming, tick and mosquito bites, burrs, and summer heat. They occur most commonly in long-haired and heavy-coated breeds, and are more prevalent during the summer months.

Diagnosis and Treatment Notes:

  • Moist eczema is typically diagnosed through a history of intense scratching and physical exam finding of red, inflamed skin.
  • Treatment depends on the severity of the skin, your individual pet, and your veterinarian. Clipping and cleaning of the inflamed skin is usually done. The skin is cleaned with an antibacterial solution and a drying agent may be applied. Some dogs or cats benefit from corticosteroids to reduce itchiness and some may need antibiotics. Discuss treatment details when your pet is diagnosed with this condition.
  • Your pet may also be offered an injection to treat the eczema if the areas on the animal which are affected are significant and there are a lot of them. The injection does give the animal relief and treat the eczema but it does have side effects which include restlessness, more frequent drinking, bigger appetite and frequent urination.

Things to Watch for:

  • Areas of hair loss
  • Red, inflamed skin
  • Intense itching

This is just a bit of useful information for you guys to keep in mind, and watch out for if your cat or dog is itching more than normal.


Good Morning Bloggers,

I am sure your all wondering why the title of this blog makes absolutly no sense?? hahaa… Well instead of a cat speaking the usual ‘meow’ our Angel says ‘meeeaaam’.. well thats what we think anyway.

A few weeks ago on a Sunday morning Angel was in a very talkative vocal mood. So Eleanor thought it would be a good idea to try and catch her on camera. She started video recording and teasing Angel trying to get Angel to talk more because sods law that Angel stopped talking as soon as we pressed record.

Eleanor was saying ‘Angel – meeeamm’… this went on for a few seconds and then all of a sudden Angel coppied her and said ‘meeeaamm’… its really funny.

To see this funny fur ball in her meeamm glory please press here.

Cat returned home after missing for six years!

Good Morning to all my lovely bloggers,

Hope everyone is well today. I am going to share with you all a story that i ready on the internet a few weeks back, it was Eleanor who pointed it out to me. She’s such a good egg!! 🙂

This is a story of a women’s (Mrs Haigh) cat who went missing, and after looking for him, ringing vets, cat rescue places, putting up missing posters etc then loosing hope and after years presuming he had died or someone had took him she found him. He still knew his name… and the happy human and cat (Charlie) are reunited. Its a touching story and a real important message too. Charlie went missing when he was nine years old, so after 6 years he came back and is now 15 years old.

When Mrs Haigh found him she took him to the local animal shelter to check on his micro chip which was then confirmed Charlie was definatly the boy she lost 6 years ago. This shows how important it is to get your pet micro chipped whether they are indoor or outdoor cats, you never know what is round the corner. Charlie is happy in his home now and is slowly adjusting into the family again.

This shows how cats can survive and most importantly how inteligent cats really are. After all those years of him not being called by his name, 6 years later his human notices him, calls him by his name and he remembers her and his name. It is an amazing story. I know a lot of people who have lost their cats because their cats have simply gone out one day and never came back for whatever reason, they have not been as lucky to find their cat or their cat find them. So this story really pulled on my heart strings and was such a happy ending.

Please click here to check out pictures of Charlie and Mrs Haigh reunited together after so long and the story in their words. Such a lovely story and really made my day. Wouldnt you all agree? 🙂

To Dior, love from Mummy E!

When we first met, I’ll never forget
The way you were laid like a turtle!

I aint no Miss Myrtle, but I knew for sure
You were coming home with us!

We picked you up, without any fuss
And wrapped you in your blanket

Your eyes were bright, and so full of life
I just knew you’d fill our hearts with love for certain!

We made our way home, with you laid in our arms
Like a baby in a cradle

Everyone stopped, and asked for a look
And told you that you were adorable

When we got you home, Diesel wasn’t impressed
But he soon took a fancy, and we thought of naming you Nancy!

Kel didn’t like Nancy, as she said it wasn’t very fancy
So we searched on Google – for well over an hour if I’m truthful!

We searched for a name, and it became quite a shame
Because nothing seemed to strike us

At last we thought Dior, like Christian Dior
As you weren’t just any ordinary kitty

Kel jumped with cheer, and we called you Dior
Our little bundle of joy!

You settled straight in, and Diesel loved you
Right from the minute you curled in to him

You followed Diesel around, and learned from him
You were the apple of our eye

I’ll never forget all the times you would lay
Curled up on your blanket, with your mouse

I’d sit at my laptop, and you’d gaze up at me
Until I’d pick you up and lay you with me!

You loved your red blanket, and I have to hand it
You were aDIORable!

You’d often climb up my arm, as I tried to work
But I’d not care, because you were our beirn

I’d guide you along, so you didn’t fall down
And you’d curl yourself up like a ball

You’d lay in to my shoulder, I’d feel your heart beat
And I’d often wonder ‘What were you dreaming?’

As you got older, your habbits grew bolder
And we renamed you Little Miss Dior!

We noticed one day, as you laid on the bed
That you had the tiniest of squint!

Being good parents, we rushed you to the vet
Who told us it was nothing life threatening

You became quite sick, and I thought the vet was a D**K!
But we’d tried our hardest, and we put trust in the PR**K!

You became more ill, and we didn’t care about the bill!
We just longed for you to be well!

A short time passed, and I haven’t quite grasped
Why you had to pass over the hill?

Diesel became sad, and Mummy K was even sadder
I didn’t quite get time to grieve

I stayed strong for Diesel and Mummy K
Please don’t think I didn’t care!

If I could bring back the day, you strayed far away
I would have stayed at home, by your side!

I honestly thought you would get better in time
How sorry I am for being so wrong!

Now when I look back, I remember not to be sad
Because you were our Dior!

Although you didn’t see Christmas, I know you were there
By Diesel’s side guiding him through such a heart felt sigh!

With Christmas 2012 drawing close, I know you will be here
Sharing our found happiness, please don’t think we have forgotten

You were my first female pet, my child, my precious
I love you forever and wish you were here

Now and forever!…..

I aint no poet
And I definitely know it

But Dior, you were far from a bore!

Sleep tight my precious angel, I love you
Forever and always!

Sending you the biggest hugs, cuddles and kisses – I will never EVER forget the bond we all shared. You are in my/our thoughts always and forever! Until we meet again, all my love Mummy E! xxx