Night of Dior’s eye removal surgery

So it’s the night of her operation to remove her poorly eye.

After a very worrying day of her surgery, wondering if this will work, if not, and wondering what will happen, what she will look like, if she will be ok etc. It’s safe to say it was a big relief to pick her up from the vets after the removal of her eye had gone well. But that didn’t last long, after picking her up from the vets and being told she had bled heavily from her back end during surgery we knew something wasn’t right and that the eye possibly wasn’t the only problem.

We hadn’t noticed her bleeding from her back end before we had only noticed the odd bits of blood in her stools, and after telling the vets weeks prior this was considered as quite normal and possibly a side effect of the medication.

With this in mind we plodded on with our evening making sure Dior was as comfortable as possible, and as happy as she could be after her surgery. Trying to get some food into her and get her to have a little drink was hard work as she was not interested in this at all, which we expected to be honest.

After an hour or so of having her home, she was walking along the laminate and there was blood just dripping from her back end. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The smell was horrendous and it was very scary.

After ringing the vets and them being not concerned at all, stating this could be something to do with the aesthetic, I wasn’t convinced but I gave them the benefit of the doubt again.

Then again it happened; it was just dripping every 5 minutes. I was constantly walking behind her mopping up after her. I mean I know she couldn’t help it and I wasn’t cross with her or anything but I was extremely worried and at this point I seriously thought something is not right at all.

Again I called the vets, I expressed my concern a little more this time and made them aware that I was not happy, that I wanted her seeing too this instance. They were closing (conveniently) so I had no alternative but to take her to the emergency vets. My vet faxed the paperwork over, or so they say they did. They made a phone call and we were on our way as Eleanor had returned home from work at this point.

When we got to the vets, I had a sigh of relief that she was being seen and by another vet (like a 2nd opinion) … however yet again they didn’t do all they could. I remember them asking if Dior had been seen by a specialist cat eye surgeon, in which my reply was no. I was then asked why she had had her eye taken out after not seeing the specialist first. I honestly didn’t know why this was, the vet expressed that there should have been a pressure check done on Dior’s eyes before they operated, which again they neglected her in not doing.

The vet said there wasn’t much she could do at the time, and because it was so quick after her surgery they suspected some sort of ulcer or swelling in her rectum / intestine or tummy. It was impossible for them to look into it further as Dior was very poorly from her surgery so they advised to put some solution into her water and this may solve the bleeding, it was a sachet that you add to water and apparently it helps to mend ulcers and things like this.

So we came away from the vets again, it was around 8pm at night as I remember I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here being on TV, or not long after anyway. We closed all the doors and brought the litter into the bedroom that night. Dior got her self settled as much as possible on her pillow and blanket with her collar on and began to drift to sleep, she wasn’t interested in any food or water so that was a disaster. Eleanor and I got in bed, I kept the light on all night, and had my alarm clock set to go off every 1.5 hours to check on her and her bleeding etc.

The night passed, there was no bleeding, she slept pretty much all much all night and all seemed well, it just seemed like she was recovering from her surgery. So Eleanor went to work and I had the day off to look after her and make sure everything was ok.


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10 responses to “Night of Dior’s eye removal surgery”

  1. Kitten Thunder's Girl says :

    This is such a sad story. Poor kitten. Poor people!

  2. Animalcouriers says :

    This is a nightmare story. We’ll have to wait until the end but are astounded by the hit and miss treatment.

  3. missmaura9999 says :

    I want to march right over to your vets and punch someone!!

  4. Miss Satchie says :

    Oh, boy. Little Satchie is vewy sad to wead this. Hope Dior is doing better now

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